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Stormflower Vineyard

Our Winery

We aim to produce wine that is a unique expression of the site and not necessarily the regional style. Our wines can be enjoyed by themselves, but the aim is to make wine that is geared mainly around food, so structure and texture are critical. This means wines with good palate weight, smooth textured mouthfeel, good fruit flavours and aromas and a clean dry finish. The wines are made to drink well on release but also have cellaring potential. 

The health of our vineyard and resulting flavour profile of the grapes allows us to champion organic and natural winemaking, where we let the fruit speak for itself. The flavours are guided by the story of the vineyard that year, reflecting the quality and biodiversity of the soil, the care taken in the vines and the weather that dictates the ripening and condition of the grapes. That is why each vintage is different, unique to the conditions it has been exposed to. 

Our single vineyard philosophy and organic status mean that we make wines only from fruit grown on the property. Maximum production from the property is around 4,200 dozen bottles, and our average annual production is around 3,500 dozen. We do not produce enough fruit to do tiers of wine, so each wine is the best we can do with the fruit we have.

Prior to the 2020 vintage our wines were made offsite by contract winemakers. With our winery completed in time for the 2020 vintage, all wines are now made onsite. This gives us complete control over our production and the ability to respond more flexibly to what the vineyard provides. Our onsite winery also allows us to experiment with small batch wines as seasonal conditions permit. In 2020 we produced Pétillant Naturel, Rosé, Semillon (as a varietal) and a “Single Barrel” Chardonnay for the first time, and we have since produced small batch Chenin Blanc and Field White. 

By taking management of the vineyard and winemaking in-house, and reducing the travel time for our fruit from the vineyard to the winery to just minutes, we have already seen a significant difference in the wines. Our full-time winemaker and viticulturist is Joel Page who joined Stormflower in July 2019. Joel was previously the winemaker at Redgate Wines and has also worked at Fraser Gallop and Leeuwin Estate. 

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