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Usual Suspects Wine Club

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Who Are The Usual Suspects?

The Usual Suspects are the people who have chosen to come with us on our adventure, and be part of the Stormflower story. You will be contacted from time to time for an event, to offer back vintages that we have managed to save, or just to share insights into what we are doing. You will receive discounts on regular deliveries of our current release wines, access exclusive wines and have priority on small batch or museum release wines. 

We host a free annual Usual Suspects Sundowner event in January where you can come and taste our museum wines, explore new releases and catch up with the Stormflower family in our beautiful gardens. 

There are two options for Usual Suspects: 

  • 6 bottles of your choice
  • Delivered May and November
  • 15% discount
  • 12 bottles of your choice
  • Delivered May and November
  • 20% discount

Wine is delivered to you twice per year (May and November). You can choose exactly which wines you would like in your regular deliveries, and can change them each order if desired. Shipping is free on your biannual orders. You are also welcome to come and collect your order from the cellar door.

We will contact you at least 2 weeks before each delivery to remind you that the wines are coming, and to invite you to log into your account and update your details and wine preferences. You can also update these details by contacting the cellar door. If we don’t hear back from you (which is fine), we will send the same wines as your last order to the same address that the last order was sent to, and charge your credit card. 

Usual Suspects will also receive their 15% discount (on purchase of up to 11 bottles) or 20% discount (on purchase of 12 bottles or more) off any additional purchases from the online store or through our cellar door. 



How do I access my discount online?

When you log into your account the discount will be automatically applied to your cart based on how many bottles you are purchasing. 

Can I change which wines I have each order?

Yes this is a user choice club, so the wine selection is completely up to you! Just keep a look out for our email in the month before your delivery to see which wines we have available, and log into your account to update your order. 

What happens if I miss your email or don’t respond?

That’s fine! We will simply send you the same collection of wines as your last order, with substitutions for vintage changes. If you had previously selected a small batch wine that is no longer in stock we will substitute that wine for you. 

Can I order more than 12 bottles in my regular shipment?

Yes! If you are part of the Usual Suspects 12 pack club then you can order more than 12 bottles and receive your 20% off. If you are part of the 6 pack club and would like to increase your order, please get in touch with us so we can make sure you’re in the right club. 

How do I skip an order, or cancel my membership?

Just email us at the cellar door and we will be happy to help with pausing or cancelling memberships. 

More questions about the Usual Suspects?

Get in touch! 

Phone Call Now 0421 867 488
Visit Lot 3503 Caves Road, Willyabrup 6280